I have an Open Office concept.

You can come over to the office and borrow my brain.

You can come over for advice, support, coaching.
Everything to help you break through your status quo.
Or just because you want to ask, talk or discuss something.

I reserve a minimum of 4 hours every week for this Open Office.

Everyone is welcome .
Up to four people at a time.
Conversations in Dutch or English.

It's based on valuation afterwards (if you want)
Here you can read all about this kind of valuation.

The office is close to Amsterdam.
A cool and dynamic place,
full of vitality and ambition.
And fantastic views.
(and free parking)

You can make an appointment now.
Just send me an e-mail.
The more in advance, the better, so I can block my time for you.

You are welcome!
With pleasure.


A few examples of Open Office sessions

Open Office Plan B stuff

Open Office for Knowledge & Information Management topics (NL)