Different social faces. Owh.

Different social faces. Owh.

Twitter is a great way to get to know me better. I love Twitter. To keep in touch, for inspiration, to share, to laugh. I use Twitter as a real social tool. Just as in real life. So, connect with me on Twitter. (If your tweets are cool, interesting or fascinating, I'll follow you back, for sure).

Somewhere. I really love this new medium. Check it out. It's is really cool and inspiring. 

Sure, you can connect with me on LinkedIn if you want. Less activity here though ;-) I use LinkedIn more as a virtual address book.

Some things, I put in Slideshare. Not much so far.  

I use Facebook mostly to connect with friends. Sharing nonsense, humor, love and sorrow. I use it a lot to work and share in secret groups or via DM.

Whats App and Telegram are my favorite chat tools.
For short or long(er) conversations, in stead of phone calls
(I'm not into phone callsHere is why.
For these tools, we have to get in touch first, because you will not find my telephone number online.
I have my reasons. 

If you want to stay tuned on what I do and you're not into social media,
you can always sign up for one of my newsletters
(about Plan B or for Knowledge- & Information (Dutch).

Or you can read my magazines on Flipboard (just started this, experimenting)

For my personal blogs: check in on this site via RSS: