* A personal note – Quick & Dirty * 

What you allow - Daphne Depasse

Last Friday
Late at night
I wrote myself an email
Just two sentences:

"You are fired.
Reason: your motivation sucks"

The next morning I opened my inbox
Big smile
Sure… it is kind of strange to write to yourself
and it may sound weird to fire yourself
and yeah, there was some alcohol involved...
It made perfect sense
This is exactly what I needed
Stop it

I am struggling for a while now
See my previous personal note about losing my purpose
It’s about my Plan B business
The way I designed it is magic to others
But my role in delivering it is not so magical
no more for me

I love to work
Being fully engaged
Fully committed
and fully in harmony with what I do
This wasn't the case anymore

I still strongly believe in the magic of Plan B
And Plan B will always continue
The world needs Plan B!
It's time for me to redesign my own part and role

I want to be my best self
and I am at my best
when I do stuff that is personally meaningful and satisfying
'Been there, done that' isn't satisfying.

Last Friday it hit me.
What you allow is what will continue
I ended up doing things because 'they' booked me
I let myself go with the flow
Current success can kill you
It can be one of the most serious barriers to progress
You know…"If it ain’t broke…”
I kept on doing it all because I kept on saying yes
And because I did not had an easy way out
And because I could not let Plan B go
Way too precious..!

So I kept on running around in circles
My core business is helping others to break through the status quo
And I suck when it comes to my own status quo


I choose the waters that I am in
So. Accept it and stop being restless
Or change it.
It is that simple

Plan B is grown up now
And as good parents do: they let go, with care.
And stay connected
I'll always be the guide
But have to create space to grow up myself now

So I fired myself
Forced myself to change.

And now what?
I am going to redesign my own role
Refresh. Renew.
Redesign all parts that don't feel right
Starting with a blank canvas

I will write about my process
Share it with whoever is interested


If you recognize the feeling of desire
The desire to redesign your life
Maybe it’s time to fire yourself
Or let yourself be fired ;- )

Sure, it is risky and maybe frightening
But it also brings at least the possibility of better
And reveals your inside energy
I am awake now

What you allow is what will continue

I have been fired
And I love it