Click: where are you going to...?

Click: where are you going to...?

People always have been a little confused
about what I do,

After I've fired myself,
it's big time confusion.

What are you doing right now?
What are you working on at this moment?
Here's the answer.

The previous 2 months
I went through my own Plan B journey.
Searching for my new role. Refresh. Renew.
Redesigned all parts that didn’t feel right
Started with a blank canvas.

Owh, my own Plan is fascinating.
Really. I didn’t know that.

I said, I'd write about my process
And share it with whoever is interested
At this point, I am almost there.
Here is what I do now. And what I know now.

“Society” wants to put you in a box.
So I was searching for a box. A focus.
Something (new) in which I could  lose myself. Fully committed.

That’s not the answer. For me.
I've found out I am actually a pioneer and an entrepreneur at heart.
I always will be in several boxes.
I need to be
And in the future I will even add more.
So, be ready to be more confused ;)

In this blog, I am writing down the things I am working on right now.
So, at least, I'm able to send this link when I’m asked again.

And…I will put my wish list here.
Maybe you can help me out!

What I do (now)

I am developing an online Plan B course for entrepreneurs (and ZZP’ers).
In partnership with Simon Sinek (owh, he has a little more views on TED.. ;).
The first prototype will be launched this month.
A small group of people are going to test it. Yay!
(If you want to participate, e-mail me!)

I am expanding my Plan B Boosting Board sessions.
In December I invited 10 more people (besides the original Plan B boosting board members).
I am expanding this sessions, with more people, more interesting speakers
and with boosting sessions where we’ll help each other out.
Starting with one in April and one in May. Love that.

I will continue doing ‘my thing’ in education.
Big part of my heart is in here.
That means teaching the module Innovative Entrepreneurship at HvA,
guest lectures about knowledge management and innovation,
mentoring students at Academy of Information and Management,
and I’ll still be Assessor at the HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam).

I will (almost) always keep on saying YES to Jury stuff and Think Thanks.
I really like that. Especially when it’s about innovation, change, education or entrepreneurship.

I will continue to do things in my ‘old’ profession:
Knowledge Management, ICT and Information Management.
Especially when there are combined with education and innovation.
But only if...*

I am going to put energy in the special edition of the fourth edition of my book
about Knowledge Management
(apparently, it is hot again, don’t know why). Coming up!

I am writing again. Found my voice back.
Plan B book concept is almost ready. I'm testing the content by blogs.
Let the audience write with me. Thought that might be cool ;-)

And…I will continue my personal writing.
Don’t know where this ends, but the response I get is beautiful and touches me.
Apparently, it gives some kind of comfort, inspiration or hope. Wow...
So, I will continue.
Also because it matches my own findings: I want to bring in my soul more in what I do.
Want to get away from my head, full of so called intelligent stuff.

*I will take on 'solo' assignments and projects (Plan B and Knowledge/Information management), but only if:
1) They match my ‘WHY (“Help others break through the status quo, so that they feel bliss: excited to move forward, beyond their perspective of what they thought was possible.”)
2) They are with cool, motivated, encouraging and supportive people.
3) I really really like it.

Thereby, I am still working on two secret projects (one on innovation, one in the media).
The first one will be made public in April or May.

Besides this, I have a ‘Parking Zone’ on my desktop with 200+ new ideas.
I’ve told myself to focus on the above first.
Okay…I will.
Oh wait. Unless really other cool opportunities come along :)

BTW. I also am thinking about breaking The Code open.
This has been my secret service the last two years.
Just a few people know about this.
Maybe it’s time to give more people access.
Because this is one of my favorite things to do.
Check it out if you want (password: VIP)

Wish list

And here's my wish list.
Maybe you're sweet and can help me out?

  • Locations: (free) inspiring locations in the Netherlands, for group sessions and workshops. If you have an office/workplace/location that isn’t always used, please let me know!
  • Partners. I am looking for more serious Plan B partners. Companies or ‘solo’ people who want to use Plan B as part of their process or business. I really want to detach Plan B from me as a person.
  • Assignments abroad! In that case, I don’t really care what I can do. I just want (and need) to travel more.
  • Anything big and new. I am ready to go big. And I am ready to go beyond everything I have done before and know now. I love to do something totally different. Surprise me!