There is a company named "Good Fucking Design Advice".
This is one of their statements.

I love it. This is why.
(4 reasons - cited from their website).

The story behind

The story behind is interesting. Founders Jason and Brian found - as teachers and mentors - that students were full of questions whose answers were often simple and intuitive but difficult to arrive at under self-imposed pressure. The help they needed fell somewhere between technical assistance and a kick in the rear. Sometimes we all just need to be told “You know this. Rely on your training. Listen to your gut.”

Inexperience, creative blocks, and minor setbacks are not always overcome by looking outward and asking questions; they’re overcome by trusting ourselves and taking risks. 

The use of the f-word

The GFDA website is a way to offer concise, poignant advice derived from fundamental design principles in a way that was highly accessible and fun. They want to motivate and inspire in the most honest way possible and they do this by using the f-word. 

Using the F-word is rebellious, funny, and driving in its honesty. As they say: "It was a perfect combination. The message coming across was that freedom from doubt and insecurity is found in working very hard and never taking oneself too seriously."

It takes courage to use the f-word. People could feel offended, uncomfortable and could turn their back on you just by reading this word. So, what GFDA does, is bold. They practice what they preach.  

"We're right behind you"

They know how to say stuff. Some quotes.

"Your goals are our goals. Your fight is our fight.
You want to run faster? To push harder? We’re right behind you, screaming the F-word. We cheer when you win because we know that if we do our job right, you’ll be there to cheer for someone else. We cheer when you falter too, because we have faltered so often ourselves—we know that failure requires more fortitude than success. Your fortitude is our inspiration. You’re the reason we do what we do; if you weren’t out there busting your ass, we wouldn’t be here busting ours. We’re building a body of work that you contribute to every time you resolve to get shit done."

"We’ve made it our mission to be the voice outside of you that harmonizes with the one inside of you. That’s the opportunity that we refuse to miss" 

Read more here. 

The Pledge

And finally, they designed the Pledge.
To make shit happen.
Here you go.  

That's why

So, this is why I love GFDA. 
For me. And my students.

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Still having doubts about using the f-word?
Watch this:)

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