Speak up dude Daphne Depasse

Once a month, a group of 15 people come together.
Secret location, somewhere in Amsterdam.

I am one of them.


Our secret group is called 'Speak Up, dude!"
And that is what we do.
We speak up.

We share stories
And we help each other becoming the best storytellers in the world.
Public speakers, delivering WOW.
Yay :-)

It's an initiative of Marc Barteling.
He's our Chief Dude.

I love those evenings.
We have diner together, drinks and share stories.
It's cool to hear stories, it's cool to learn
It's cool to have a place where you can fail, experiment
With laughter. A lot.

So, now you know...
once a month...
somewhere in Amsterdam, there's a group of people who speak up.

Here's my speech of last week (Dutch! 6 min).
Owh, I've learned my lessons. Have to use more concrete examples (get out of abstraction), my moving hands > that's okay ;-), more breaks; bring in moments of silence (it's a heavy subject, give the audience some time to think), alternate the volume of my voice, and more...

Sneak inside view.