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Somewhere is a new place to show your work.

To show what you really do. And what is important to you.
It's pure. It's honest. It's cool.

Austin Kleon introduced me (check his website, he's amazing).

He describes Somewhere as "The Anti LinkedIn".

As he said in his blog: " Instead of listing your resume or your portfolio or your achievements and all that other boring stuff, you start answering questions about your work by posting photos and talking about the day-to-day nuts and bolts of what it is you actually do."

It is.
This place is about openness. And honesty.
Away from all the fake "look-at-me-I-am-an-expert" or "I-am-important-look-at-my-job-title" stuff.

And it is visual. Images are required. Not much text allowed (max 250 letters - that's cool).

It's pure. It's honest. It's cool.
And beautiful.

To start, you can answer/follow the questions if you want.
These questions are really cool and fun.
I agree with Austin: "After I started posting my “sparks,” it became addictive."
Yes, I am addicted too. At least, for now.

So, I'm in.
You can view my profile here.

Wanna join me?
(Yess, it's free, don't worry ;-)

When you go to, you can sign up with my invite code: vYlt6q12

Would be great to see you(r work) there!