Sometimes you only know afterwards why you did things
Last summer, I spent two weeks in Greece.
Back to basics on a tiny island. 

I photographed numerous old doors.
I didn’t know why. They just fascinated me.

There is something about old doors.
They are used
Carrying stories

All doors were once closed with pain
And were once opened for beautiful entries

They are carrying memories.
Mysteries. History.
Feelings. Life.
I think that is fascinating.
For the same reason, I love abandoned and deserted places.
(I love to be in old factories, industrial sites)

Besides these thoughts
What happened in Greece was a hidden symbolic adventure
With doors, you can open or close your world.
Leaving stuff behind.
Opening new beautiful exciting things in life.

With every picture I took
I closed or opened parts of my life.
I was playing with doors. 

Some doors of life
Are there to keep closed
Put a lock on it
Never open again 
Transform into history

Some open doors need to be closed
Shut down parts of life which are dragging you down
Holding you back
Sucking energy
or just aren't useful anymore.
Release. Relief.
Set free

Some doors are into the sneaky way.
A sneaky look behind a door, catch a glimp. 
Set your mind to curiosity
Playing with doors.

There is the fresh excitement of opening up doors.
New things. Adventures. 
Breath in. Fearless.
Doors wide open: let it all come in.

And there is the overwhelming warm feeling
of realizing some doors are so precious:
never put a lock on it.

I did it all.

Sometimes you only know afterwards why you did things
I have been playing with doors.
Redesigning life and thoughts.

And I still do.
Love it!

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