* A personal note - Quick & Dirty * 

Fly away Daphne Depasse

I’m stuck at home for a week now
Just me and my two good friends: antibiotics and painkillers
Nothing serious.
It’s gonna be all right
But owh…what an impact this has on me…

At first, I was fighting
Focused on the pain
Assuming I cannot handle this
Banging my head against the wall
Concerned about handling my business agenda
Immediately missing my daily sports
Missing the ‘normal’ stuff in my daily life and the evenings out.
I just wanted it to stop. ASAP.

But, to my surprise…all of this fighting didn’t last very long
Why? Because my perspective changed.

This fascinates me
How quickly your perspective on life can change
Things that seemed so important
Become meaningless
And things you did not noticed before
Become more meaningful than ever

Before this happened
I went through a period of emotional roller coaster stuff
It started this summer – on a small scale
(I wrote a blog about this: Loosing my purpose)
After the summer, I picked up my ‘normal’ life
Which means: hard work, lots of evenings out, moving on
But meanwhile, the emotional roller coaster continued (personal stuff)
And even got stronger
Extreme joy, fun, excitement, meaningful conversations and love
Interspersed with sadness, getting hurt, letting go

In this ‘roller coaster period’ more and more ‘stuff’ gathered around me
‘Hanging’ emotions, situations to be solved, lots of ideas, endless to-do list…
Like a swarm of seeds, waiting to be handled
I was overwhelmed

Now, suddenly the whole swarm fluttered down
Like all of the seeds landed
Found their places
Just where they belong
In just a week

I cannot describe this
Feels good
And so logical
Why did I come up with this myself??

This is what can happen when your perspective changes
- Forced or not -
And I think it’s amazing

For me
It is like travelling
That is why travelling is important to me
I do not travel to rest or  to take a break
I travel to change my perspective
(I realize now)
It happens as soon as I get on the airplane
Like if you literally looking at your own life from above
And it suddenly feels like ‘stuff that is going on down there’

This is why I not only like travelling; I need travelling
It doesn’t matter where I go
As long as it inspires me to see things in a different way
I am a city girl
And I loved working in Seoul and Being
Stayed in Bangkok for 1,5 week, in stead of hitting the islands
But I am a nature freak too
Especially when it’s overwhelming
When it makes me feel tiny
It's all about changing perspectives…

Today I posted a link on Twitter on Abandoned places
(great reactions BTW;-)
I love abandoned places
Why? Because they are weird
Make me think
Again: changing perspectives

I digress…back to what I wanted to tell you.

I don’t believe in coincidence
I know now, how painful and killing this period may be
I needed this
I needed a new perspective on life
And this week brought me back to my basics

It's like I said in my TED talk
“We look from our own single perspective and
see what we want to see,
what we expect to see and
what we are used to seeing.”

We all need to open up our circle sometimes
And sometimes life does it for us. 

For me, changing perspectives are the best
Not only to inspire 
But also to bring you deep insights
About what is meaningful to you
What makes you happy
And to reveal your inside energy 

Maybe it’s because your mind stops thinking
for a tiny magical moment
I don’t know
All I know: I love it.