While you were enjoying your weekend (or celebrating Kingsday)
I created this website.

Two reasons.

One: to set up a central place for all that I do.
(People are sometimes confused about what I do. Cannot see why. It's this simple ;-)

Two: to have a space especially for my personal blogs.

So far, I wrote quite a lot on my business websites.
Most of these blogs are personal, in a way.
(Because I believe we should never separate our personal life from our work.
We’re all human and we should bring our soul to work (read this article by Switch & Shift). 

But sometimes I write blogs that are “all about me”.
And are very personal. About my life. My thoughts. 
I posted this blogs somewhere less visible.
Only accessible via a direct link.
Also because I have business partners who use my business websites as well. 
And it's time to detach Plan B from me as a person.
(wrote about that before: you are fired)

Besides, people seemed to really like my private writing, as a source of inspiration, consolation or recognition and recommended to publish these blogs public (wow...)

So, I've created this site with a special place for my personal blogs
where I am free to blog about my personal life. 
And sharing it with the world. 

I've moved a selection of my 'old' blogs in here.
Still think it's kind of scary,
but I hope you'll like them.

If you do 
You can click the ♥ button below any blog post.
It's a 'simple like',
which means you are the only one who knows.
It will not be not stored, saved or otherwise available to see.
Just a number of hearts.
Just a way to make me feel good.
And support me.
Love that.

I love to hear your thoughts.
What do you think of this new personal website?
Is it cool? Do you like what you see?

You can leave your comment below
or send me an e-mail if you don't want to put it out in the open.
(or just simply click the ♥ button to show your love)

Thank you & enjoy!

Thx to @Boris

Thx to @Boris