This summer, I went to Crete
Hired a car
Traveled around

The day we left Amsterdam
I watched a video on my mobile
while waiting at the airport

It was one of the videos of the 'Nature is speaking' initiative
Julia Roberts as mother nature.

I think this is the best and most impressive 'nature' message - ever
Nature doesn't depend on us
We depend on nature. 

That is exactly what I feel when I am surrounded by nature
I wrote about this before
I am a city girl, but also a huge nature freak
I need nature

In Crete, we explored nature - big time
I was impressed
I used to travel to countries far away
Did not expect this impressive nature so nearby

The gorges in Crete blowed me away
So strong and powerful
Made me feel tiny, humble
The words in the video kept on echoing in my mind

When we walked and climbed through the huge gorges
In absolute silence
I could almost cry

Nature was speaking

I am listening