Here's a video (3.50 min) of my year 2013 - in pics. Quick & Dirty.

This is not my real life.
These are Kodak moments.
So, it's kind of fake

So, why this video?
I always reflect. On myself, on my life
Almost daily (kind of weary sometimes)
At the end of the year, there is The Big Moment
My own ritual; looking back and forward.

I went through my photos to get an overview
What was my year about?
How does it feel?

This year wasn't one of my happiest.
But pics are there to highlight the good times
(I loooooove our duckfaces and selfies competition, arose from aversion :-)
And I love to stick to the idea of one happy year
So that is what I do
Your thoughts create your world, you know

So, this video is just a small glimpse of reality
Showing the three important things in my life this year: friends, love, work
People tell me I don't post pics online very often
I think this will shut them up
Ya, all in one time

So, this is what it is.
Just some pics of my year.

If I know you in real life, chances are that you're in there ;-)
So go watch yourself and enjoy. Music on.


BTW It's not exactly 2013. It's from 10th December 2012 till 10th December 2013 (today). Why? Because I can ;-) Although there is still some great stuff going to happen in 2013, I'm closing off this year already.