Today is my birthday.

Looking back
Looking forward

Looking back

A year of transition
And contradiction

Completely lost
Finding the way (back)

Walls up  
Total surrender

Falling (hard)
Getting back on my feet

Doing good
Screwing up

Energy overload
Desire for rest

Party like an animal
Living like a hermit

It was all there.
What a year.

Body, mind and soul
And owh, chaotic.
Balance: nope

Sounds like midlife, hm? ;-)

This year was about finding what is nourishing, comforting and supportive.
Heart and meaning.

Looking forward

A new phase has begun.
It started slowly a few weeks ago (in Paris)
After Paris: a mind shift 
Suddenly I got it. 
When it comes to my working life.
Flow time.

Energy overload.
Working from dust to dawn.
Creating a new reality.
From the deep down corners of...
my harddisk.

Harddisk? Yesss.

Let me tell you what’s on my overloaded harddisk. 

  • 300+ Ideas (I have a special place for them: my parking zone). 
  • 250+ concept writings. Some are almost finished. Some are just an alinea. Of what? 
  • 50+ concept prototypes of tools and gadgets.
  • 500+ links to cool stuf (articles, videos)
  • Huge database with 2000+ images for business and videos.
  • 1 almost-ready new book

Besides this, I have my Evernote and Wunderlist, full of 'things to do that could be amazing’

All this stuff is just lying there 
In the dark
Senseless. Useless.

I see it every day
And it feels like a heavy load

It’s time to get it all out.
Time to express
Time to release
Time to give it to the world.

That means letting go of perfection
“If your fidelity to perfectionism is too high, you never do anything.”
That means letting go of uncertainty.
Thinking that is isn't good enough.
Dare. Be vulnerable.

The last weeks
I threw myself into this.  

The Result

Ideas realized. BAM

  • Boosting Board launched. Officially. Proud. Love this.
  • Personal website. Check. 
  • Renting an office (by july 1th). Cool workspace in a building with lots of creative businesses. Going to organize open office sessions. Letting go of being paid by the hour. People can come over and borrow my brain. Valuation afterwards (thx to meeting Martijn Aslander)

Out of my harddisk. Content. BAM

  • 2 e-books
  • 4 blogs 
  • Organized links into Flipboard Magazines. To share it with the world. Published three

Besides this, I am still doing my 'normal' activities, of course;-)

For me, it's BAM
And I will continue.
More e-books, flipboards and other stuff coming up.
And more ideas will see the light. 
It’s going to be a wonderful time. 

And I will continue even if I'll run out of money.
This I what I believe in. Love to give. Love to create.
And I believe in the beauty of karma;-)


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