Hi, my name is Daphne Depassé. Living in Amsterdam. I've created this website to have a central point of all that I do. And to have a space especially for my personal blogs. 

In short, I have two main businesses: Plan B and a service company focused on 'Knowledge- & Informationmanagement'.
And I write books, teach, speak, design tools and more, a lot more. 

This may sounds 'diverse', but it isn't.
Everything I do, is aimed at the same thing:  

"To help other break through their status quo, so that they can move on beyond their perspective of what they think was possible"

Daphne Depassé is founder of Plan B: a practical and blissful method for problem solving and innovation. She is a solution designer, entrepreneur, writer, transformer, consultant (and insultant), booster, teacher, multiple viewer, unlearner and happifier. Breaking through the status quo.
— TedX bio

The usual (and rather boring) info

What I do for a living: helping people/organizations with problem solving and innovation. 
For all meaningful stuff that matters. 

I am  driven by change. I want everyone to be able to act different and I am spending my days helping businesses and organizations (see the agenda or take a look behind the scenes).  Assignments are related to Plan B, Innovation, Knowledge Management, ICT and Information Management.

I have a background in knowledge- and information management and technology. I have been working on innovation, information and knowledge issues and projects for over 18 years now; as manager, advisor, consultant, lecturer and coach. Largely concerned with research and developing new solutions and (ICT) systems.

I graduated cum laude in Media- & Information Management.

In 2007 I started my own business helping organizations with information, knowledge and innovation issues – often ICT related.

In 2012, after four years of research and testing in practice, I officially launched Plan B.
(In case you want are curious, here's my story about how and why it all started).

I am author of the book '15 praktijkverhalen over kennismanagement' (Dutch).

I am author of the book 'Factor K. How to Make knowledge work'.

I am also a ghost writer. Published two books on behalf of other people. Wrote both books with lots of pleasure, not realizing how weird it feels to finally have the books in my hands and not be able to speak about it!

More dynamic stuff


Big part of my drive lies in education. We have to learn to think and act different, to deal with the complex issues of our time and use our full potential. I strongly believe the Plan B way needs to be a fundamental part of higher education. 

After working at the Academy of Information and Management, I am now Member of the Board of the VUCA Academy. Great community, all passioned about deep and other ways of learning. Fun included.

Besides, I teach Plan B module for innovation at several Universities of Applied Sciences, guest lectures about knowledge management and innovation.

Speaking, helping and creating

Besides Plan B projects and coaching, I am an assessor (Hogeschool van Amsterdam), member of jury for innovation pitches and I travel throughout the Netherlands as a speaker.
In 2013, I spoke at TEDx.

I also have a 'secret service': The Code. This is occurred accidentally. I have decided (april '14) to break it open and make it accessible for more people. Because this is one of my favorite things to do.
Check it out if you want (password: VIP)

One of other favorites: my online course, in partnership with Simon Sinek (he has a little more views on TED.. ;) 
And owh yes, and I am creating new tools and gadgets. Always. I love gadgets.


I write quite a lot on my business websites. Most of these blogs are personal, in a way. Because I believe we should never separate our personal life from our work. We’re all human and we should bring our soul to work (read this article by Switch & Shift). 

But sometimes I write blogs that are “all about me”. So far, I only shared these personal stories with my friends on Facebook. But people seemed to really like it, as a source of inspiration, consolation or recognition and recommended to publish these blogs public. (Wow..)

So, in April 2014, I've created this website. With a special place for my personal blogs, where I am free to blog about my personal life. And sharing it with the world.